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Plunger Girl


She is quite gorilla-esque. Very special looking.

The Proprietor

In my youth we called this a "pickle puss".


...and that's her happy face. Look, I'm sure she's a nice woman who hates whitey* and bakes cookies, but if BHO is elected I'll have to shoot out my tv screen a la Elvis.

*I still have her thesis on my hard drive.


Do you notice that she hasn't been out campaigning much at all? The campaign says with school starting she's home with the kids, but my guess is it's was a decision to keep her away from a microphone. Hers negatives outweigh any positive push she may give the ticket.

Plunger Girl

I want to see her thesis!

Suzette-I'm not sure my blog likes paper. In fact, I think she's opposed to it.


She has always reminded me of Mike Tyson.


As one Maverick to another Maverick who enjoyed the tv series Maverick and also the movie Maverick-she doesn't seem Maverick material. You Betcha....


Geez, I love your remarks and observations. I do, I do, I do.


Yeah, fine, point taken, but I'll see your pickle-puss and raise you 15 gosh darn its, nine golly gee willikers, two you betchas, 37 working moms, and one open-mouth grin with exaggerated mid-century wink.

Seriously. The woman makes my skin crawl.


I saw a picture of her in a dress with thick horizontal stripes.

Well, that's really all that needs to be said.


I think she has been placed with Teresa Heinz Kerry in some sort of camp for wayward misspoken VP wanna be wives. "Let the fur fly" !


Links to the complete thesis are listed at Politico.com

Here's the main link:


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