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You'll need very big sunglasses to hide behind. One time in the Monterrey, CA Albertsons my late mother-in-law said "Shhhh! Look carefully to your left! That's Doris Day!"

And it was.

Behind really big sunglasses.


After I have a hair cut I go from my trusty ballcap to the visor for a couple of weeks until the little ponytail grows back. :)


Next goal... visible from space!


I carry my own orange cone for unexpected stops.

Joan of Argghh!

Does the vest have an SMV triangle on the back? Mine does!


For years I have refused to let my hairdresser give me layers. My only reason is that I want to put my hair in an easy ponytail when I go to the gym.

The Proprietor

International Rescue Orange: it's the new black.

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