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Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres roughly translated means - in all of Gaul there's only three parties going on. This is why Caesar used Live Journal and not something like TypePad or Wordpress.

Maureen's lost it.

We can't let her wander out of the house without supervision now.


You really pooped my day. I never watched The Flying Nun because I thought it was stupid (yes I know, never watched – thought it stupid). Same with In The Heat Of The Night. Years later I started watching ITHOTN re-runs and loved it. Hmmmm wonder if I can find re-runs of The Flying Nun?

The Old Man

Quite the pretentious twit, in't she? Or should that be spelled with an "a"? The story that she should be taking home from the Commentaries is that as long as Rome was supported and defended by her citizens she survived. The true meaning of patria, if you will. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" does NOT mean "Don't question my patriotism", buttheads. AFTER the bread-and-circuses Senate crap, Rome fell. Obama is a ringmaster with a smooth line. No wonder Michelle is perpetually pissed off - he is so smooooth he could be a bigger horndog than Bill-the-Penis. But that's another chapter...

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