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Nothing going on here except Halloween candy and defending Democracy against creeping Socialism...

...but that's about it, really. LOL!

Did the apartment need a biohazard sign? ;)

Plunger Girl

You find the funniest photos of her. She is a strange beast.


You're in L.A. and you didn't call me?!

Ok...I know...I'm a democrat...I'm voting for Obama...but but but...I do drink the martinis! We still have that in common!!!

If you get bored, email me. I can take you to the coolest beach bum dive bar by the beach in the shadow of LAX that makes the bestest martinis in the world.

Or not. You can have the last few days to snub your democrat friends. Drown your sorrows or feel superior....what ever you need to do. We'll be in power sooner than you think! (*wink!*)


a week with you is like a week without sunshine...I MISSED you!


those brooches look like tribbles...

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