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Hahahah, poor Bigfoot.

Joan of Argghh!

Nothing,not even the perky model, can make that dress look good. I guffawed at the "feet won't fit in frame" comment. Ha!

And that red atrocity she's wearing looks like some leftover from college days.

Of course, wearing heels would force that booty out in the back, and that could be problematic for a Chanel suit.


add this dress to the cost of the "lunch" the Obamas are known to have.......
Haha.. share the wealth. I would just like to share their lunches !


I'm gonna be Bristol Palin. I just need a flat iron and a redneck suit for The Boy!

tree hugging sister

I'm just going as "Depressed".

Plunger Girl


Now that was funny!

I wouldn't take that dress for free! What a bisnatch.

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