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Joan of Argghh!

We are not worthy. Gawd you are teh awesome when it comes to snark!

That green area is a real trouble.


I think the green part is the taint.
In more ways than one.

Hurricane Mikey

I've been on the business end of an angry vagina before.

It's not a place you want to be. I'm just sayin'.


You know, I was hoping I didn't have to go to confession this weekend.

Obviously that's out the window now.


Poor Pops.

You know, every time you prop up a sign and point to an 'area of concern' I nearly wet myself laughing. Please, cease and desist. Or buy me some depends.

Hurricane Mikey

Hey, I just noticed something.

We don't really see the entire sign. Maybe it says "My Vagina is HUNGRY"

See, that would be something totally different. A hungry vagina is much easier to deal with than an angry one.

Mr. Bingley

Somebody's momma must be real proud.


Future Job Interview: Things to Explain Dept.:

"So. We've processed your resume and called some of your former employers. We also came upon some information and photos, exact dates unknown, where you participated in a protest of some sort dressed as an -- and I'm quoting here -- ANGRY VAGINA. What other qualifications would you bring to us here at John Deere Corp.?"


My Imaginary Vagina is confused.


if there were signs stating:
"My Penis is Angry", "Don't Vote with your Penis"; "My Immigrant Penis is Angry" wondering what kind of conversations would "arise"...
I'm just sayin'....


Are we sure it's "angry"? Maybe it's "hungry!"......


It truly astounds me when a woman will go to this length to embarass herself.


By the way
"MY vagina is bored."

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