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gus & fiona's mom

OK Suzette so here I am :)
read the McCollough interview, what a hoot!
but The Thornbirds never did anything for me, maybe I'll take a look at those Rome books.


I read it so long ago, all I remember is it's in Australia, right? The book, I mean, not the interview. In keeping with the Mom Forcing Culture theme, my mom is STILL insisting I come to love "Fried Green Tomatoes", even though I watched it and HATED it. She did make a believer out of me vis a vis "Lonesome Dove" though. Oh, and "Oz", which Mom adored, prison sex and all.
"Do they really use butter?" she'd ask me after an episode, all wide-eyed curiousity.
"Margarine" I said. She seemed satisfied.


intense shit hot, The Thornbirds. that interview is great!

i have to agree with LeeAnn about Fried Green Tomatoes. but FGT is not the same, does not even come close to the same shit hot intensity of The Thornbirds.


I loved loved loved the Thornbirds!! Totally remember watching the mini-series with *my* Mom long before the advent of Tivo. Hmmmm.... Might be a good winter watch around here. Will have to get the DVD set, I think...


Wow - what a flashback. I loved the Thornbirds mostly because Richard Chamberlain was in it. I just looked him up on IMDb and he's still doing stuff. Thanks for reminding me!

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