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I like Harry too, but more because he bagged Hildy. Somebody needed to inform Harry that the first person you tell that you bagged a tomato like Hildy *isn't* your wife. The subsequent smoking trashcan in his underwear scene was surreal.

And btw, I picked Ringo. It was a no-brainer because the dude got to beat on things with sticks and I could do that.


You have been tagged. I'm sorry. There's no one I actually hate, therefore I was forced to annoy those I like.

The Proprietor

My wife loves the show. I'd watch it but I'm afraid of all the second-hand smoke.

You have to like all that Danish modern furniture and the office accoutrement circa the 1960 Steelcase catalog.

We have the Steam Punks out there retrofitting computers to look like Victorian counting machines. I'd like my MacBook embedded in an IBM punch card tabulating machine.



I loved this week's episode. I didn't want it to end..
I liked Don Draper's remark when he visited Ms Olsen in the "hospital". Something like: "you will forget all this. You will be amazed at how easy it is to forget"...
Is it my imagination, or is Joan Holloway's figure getting more curvy with each passing week?
I don't like the comic. Gives me the creeps. Like the wife, and the actress who plays her. She had great lines with this past episode...
I loved George Harrison. I was always faithful to this beatle. I never strayed. But there was this one night with Jagger. Let's hope he kept his mouth shut.. ;^}

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