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Come to Pa. little man and ChoChi Tina will buy you nice meaty bones with the yummy stuff inside from Wegman's. Ptooo on the rubber chicken !

The Proprietor

Is that a chicken or Sesame Street's Big Bird?

I haven't been able to see that character the same way since the local Thai restaurant* began serving ostrich billed as "Big Bird".
* Home of the World's Rudest Maitre'd.

Joan of Argghh!

The blue and orange, Go Gators! colors are lovely, but yeah, don't seem to complement his natural ensemble. I like the olive green collar. Maybe you just need to shop for camo and commando style accessories for the tough little guy.


"if we lose our capacity to accesorize, what will then seperate us from the apes?"

Funniest line I've read all day.

And yet, then I saw "Kate Spayed".


Cootchie cootchie Stedman. You're still the cutest puppy I know.


Oh, Stedman, you have the cutest dead rubber chicken ever.


He is just soooooo cute, but please click a pic of Fiona Joy. What a hoot!!!

Kim @ What's That Smell?

Wow, a squeaking rubber chicken, what more could a dog ask for?

hehe, sooo cute!

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