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I would like Martha as VP. At least the china pattern would be tasteful.

Joan of Argghh!

Gotta be more concerned if said lobes have creases in them or not. Can't elect a VP with creased earlobes, it's indicative of heart disease.


DO NOT GET ME STARTED on undefined earlobes.

Distracting, sure, but more importantly -- MUCH more importantly -- you just can't trust a lobe-less man.


Taken as a whole the contents of this post indicate that it was a very slow news day.

I think it's cruel to prank text the participants of The Children's Crusade. It's really no different than watching a snail get all the way across the front walk then picking him up and moving him back to where he started. The poor wretches are possessed of an unnatural almost pathological naivite.(Trust me I've been to the caucuses and I've seen it first hand.) Therefore if you find some one prank texting any of The Junior Senator from Illinois' supporters you should report that person to child protective services.


Weirdlobes. Eck.


In the early seventies, we ended up with a box full of crap magazines from somewhere. I have no idea where they came from. I suspect my parents picked them up from a friend.

Anyway, there was one mag that was full of strange conspiracies, alien abduction stories, and other ESP/alien/psychic bullcorn. One of the articles claimed that you could tell an alien by whether or not the person had free-hanging earlobes or not. I have few specific memories of that magazine, but that's the clearest one.

Naturally, I am always suspicious of anyone without a dangly earlobe. Bayh is undoubtedly of Extraterrestrial origin.

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