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Joan of Argghh!

Regret is overrated. Humor is undervalued.

I'm about 3 months away from buying on of those dogs as a pet for my dog.


I'm in love.


What's next? Puppy Day Care??


OMG, poor little Stedman. Although I have to say, he does preppie surprisingly well.

We're teaching Loaf to herd chickens.

There will be video.


So, so wrong. But the color is nice on him.


I was going to say something all nice about how adorable he is, shirt and all.

Then I read that Elise calls her dog "Loaf"?

And I snorted vodka through my nose.


He is just so cute. I do think this dog is very, very smart. Well, looks like he is anyway...
Is that a stethoscope around his neck? ;^)

Kim @ What's That Smell?

Could he be any more adorable? I love the one with him eating the sleeve while giving you the look of death.

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