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This dog is just wayyyy too cute. I must eat him! And I don't even like dogs. How do they make dogs so cute and cuddly looking like this one?? He must be Photoshopped.

Joan of Argghh!

Stedman's got better fashion sense than Hillary.

Damn, that pup is off the charts adorable. I worry that you'll go all softy on us with that much cuteness around.


Crate? Ex-pen? These are things that will protect your home while containing said adorable pup. ;)

And he *is* so very adorable...


He is the cutest Corgi I have ever seen!! He looks like he's smiling!


What? Those ears aren't perfect? He ain't Prince Charles.


He is just the CUTEST...and his name fits like a glove...

Mrs. Who

Oh, lordy, isn't he the cutest, sweetest little thing?

Kim @ What's That Smell?

He is sooooo cute! Makes me want a Corgi!
His expressions are just perfect!

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