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Joan of Argghh!

I think you'll be okay. The deer has Uma Thurman eyes. Stedman has Nathan Lane eyes.


I mourn the deer/rejoice the dog.

The Proprietor

Act of God. A sign that all things must pass, to be renewed in different but recognizable form.


Must stop looking at side by side photo of deer/dog..........I am getting freaked out.

We hereby solemnly promise to do our best to repair said deer.

I am so sad.
Mother Nature sure reared her ugly head this time; I guess we were lucky that it did not blow down an oak onto the house etc.


Archetypes and synchronicity too?

This page has certainly taken a turn for the Jungian.

And what specific manner of meteorology caused the tree to go down?


So sorry to hear about the deer, dear!

Mr. Bingley

Maybe they were filming "Bambi versus Godzilla: Part 2"?

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