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Like Theresa Heinz Kerry, Michelle Obama is not a woman accustomed to guarding her comments. I think this campaign has been hard on her & she's ready to pop a cork. But unlike Hillary, I bet she has her own cookie recipes & has used them.


However Theresa will give you a high five on request.

Trust me on that one.

Once again this post is a perfect example of how we marvel in awe at your powers of observation.


Mother Rough...bwah...LOL!! That was an unexpected surprise. Louella Parsons would be proud of what you've done here.

The Proprietor

My partner in podcasts see M.O. as the ultimate Angry Black Woman. Tall and slim, Harvard-educated, two cute kids, married to an upwardly-mobile man, she still always looks like someone has just told her that her car has been towed.


I mean this in the nicest possible way, but, well, Chris Rock could play her in the movie of her life. There's an amazing resemblence.

Joan of Argghh!

As an artist, I'm ashamed of my own powers of observation next to yours, Suzette.

I think she's a Chris Tucker look alike.


The Jackie O comparison has got to go.
Poor Jackie hid so many secrets-I can only imagine what is in Mrs. Obama's closet.
Besides the shift dresses of course. If she soon sports a pillbox hat we are in deep shit.,,

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