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"...here they both choose to position themselves to block powerful men from the camera lens." <--- Possibly funnier than the Merv Griffin line many posts back.

Oh, Suzette...it's so hard to watch. And that video. Painful.


I love her hopeful little outfit, even if it does showcase the cankles. Thanks for pointing that out, by the way.

But the slacks constitute a dilemma. Are they supposed to be long capris or short full length pants?

The Proprietor

What's sad is that she seems to be having more genuine fun now that she knows she has nothing to lose. Imagine if she had just decided to lay back and have fun the entire campaign? She may still have lost but it wouldn't be what is now pending: a harbinger for a slew of boring "what the hell happened?" books.

What happened is two-fold:
a) The Clintons got out-Clintoned.
b) The Dems decided to opt for one of their periodic lemmings-to-the-far-left moments. You know, the sort of thing the super-delegates were supposed to prevent.


If only she had listened to the honest advisor who surely said to her back in January, before he or she was fired, "It might help if you stole one quality from Barack & acted like you were having fun running for President." I still recall when Bob Dole showed up on Letterman after the '96 election & killed with his wry humor, & everybody said "Where was this guy during the campaign?"

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