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How about "Is that a weenis?"


LOLbill -

i'm in ur crotch ...

... starin' at ur ballz.


Your choice of photo brings to mind the film school theory that looks at the placement of objects in the frame as it relates to the overall message.

It's not that Bill's in the picture along - it's that he's behind her slacks - the slacks being the driving force at the center of the picture and the driving force of your ongoing study of Hillary's wardrobe.

Good work!

Good work indeed!


There is a syndrome called by those of us in the field "pump brain". Simply put it means that the geezer who had a cabg ain't mentally what he used to be after being "on pump" for his surgery.
We do need to research whether this old geezer (Bububububill ( bubble-- get it?) actually went on pump for his cabg.. some heart surgeries are now done "off pump" with the heart still beating.



Kate the Great

"That looks familiar, but I just can't place it ......... where have I seen that before?"


If you scroll the screen up a little bit so it cuts off her feet, it looks like a necktie with Bill Clinton's picture on it.


He looks like a tough customer at the start of a strip show.


Sorry to inject a slight bit of seriousness into this otherwise lighthearted debate. The reason is simple. The press is widely regarded as being VERY pro-Obama (see, e.g., http://www.cnbc.com/id/24241035/from/ET/). Thus, highlighting Bill's every misstep is just another way for them to be anti-Hillary and undercut her even more than they already do.

Not that I'm a Hillary fan, you know I'm not. Just explaining the phenomena you were asking about. Aren't I helpful? (For a change, right?)

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