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The whole "pimped out" outrage is oh so dramatic! What a crock. Poor little hapless Chelsea! 27 years old and *choosing* to insert *herself* into the 24/7 news cycle and Mama's campaign. Sorry, toots, you need to butch up already.


"maximum wartiness"

Yessss.... What happens when we reach defcom 10? The thing explodes? ;)


and if she has surgery I would be wheeling the difficult airway cart into the room. She has all the hallmarks of the D.A.
Micrognathia, anterior larynx, overbite, small mouth crowded with teeth, etc.
Man your bougie for this one fellows nurse anesthetists!


Fashionistas take note there's a fashion felony on the page !

Wide hips and what NOT to wear! pinched waist jacket with fitted pants. even the dark color doesn't save poor old Chelsea from looking like a snausage.

I would like some fries with that, please. Make mine a DOUBLE! Super size it!

Jim - PRS

The awesome power of the Clinton Machine -- Check out the kinds of things this MSNBC jerk has been saying, which apparently are perfectly fine with MSNBC.

I guess anything goes, unless the Clintons don't like it.


George W. hustling the Christian Right for his dad's campaign gave him the experience & connections that served him so well later on.

I think of Chelsea as a privileged faux New Yorker who thinks midtown is New York & occasionally wanders as far downtown as, ah, Chelsea, where she imbides nonalcoholic beverages in the VIP sections of upscale clubs.


Funny how this bruhaha hit just before some more primaries. I guess crying wasn't in the cards this time.

Florida Friend

As one who changes wedding rings to coordinate with jewelry metal it is obvious to me that HRC was merely wearing her diamonique one day & her technibond on another. The bigger concern is why isn't she using Victoria Principal's "Reclaim" or Jane Seymour's "Natural Advantage".

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