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The Platonic ideal of genius is Triumph.


Triumph said about the writers strike: "Seriously, I spent time on the picket line. I learned a lot. Not until you hang out with these writers do you realize how much shit there is on TV. You write for 'Reba'? That’s terrific! Ladies and gentlemen, what a powerful statement: No 'According to Jim' until this strike is over! Now I know why the public was in favor of this strike."


The winner of Westminster should and will be the B-E-A-G-L-E !!
Uno! Number one dog!


Suzette...you continue to be toooo much! How do you come up with this stuff??


As you must know, Triumph is my favorite puppet dog of all time. Nutsack snatching: A phrase I never thought I'd hear on this blog. Bravo.

Oh. I wanted to remind everyone that last night our Pantsuited Wilma Flintstone-Necklace-Wearing Canklefest made a speech and Fox News Channel actually had her *muted* on the split screen for a jolly long while as the guests talked about something else.


Just wanted to report another Plassnik sighting yesterday, sitting beside Emma Thompson on a stage at the Austria Center. Actually, sitting between Emma Thompson and Ricky Martin, who had an unflatteringly short haircut.

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