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Eeek. Non of these people are ageing well. (My spell check says it's "aging", but that just doesn't look right. So I'm going with "ageing"....even though that doesn't look right either, now that I've typed it twice. Hmmm.) I guess Barry looks Ok, but men either don't get the wrinkles or they look good with them.


What I meant to say was: Wow. What a love triangle you've got going there. Your Hillary posts are classic!


And look, my spell check didn't even catch "non." I guess it thinks I'm French.


It is aging.

You need to submit these power pts. to the Republican Party. I smell a prime time tv ad here

Jim - PRS

Diane Von Whatever is one scary looking unit.


"Unit" -- slayed me again, Jim.

You know, I've scoured the internet, and I've determined that no one -- NO ONE -- hates Hillary more, and does a better job of tormenting her on their blog, than Suzette. It's the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Florida Friend

Ah yes, no one hates HRC more, but does that mean she won't vote for her? She trashed the junky QVC ring, but she "hearts" them. Bet she's just trying to throw us off the track. Could it be Suzette hearts Hilary?

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