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Now that's funny.. I feel it's how he spent most of his white house years.. after he you-know-whatted, that is.

Suzette says:" And we just wanted to cuddle".

Jim - PRS

It's exhausting being the first black president, don'tcha know.

Suzette says: I'm not sure that is what made him tired."


Damnation, I have an identical video on my site, sans the excellent poemage. Why do I feel like I've just shown up at a society function wearing the same ballroom gown as you?

Suzette says: "Lots of people came to this internet dance."

T. Lewiston

Ted Kennedy must be pleased - he told Bill to tone it down and he did.

Suzette says: "Maybe next, he'll tell him how to swim."


Still your critical tongues, foolish ones.

What TFBP was doing was engaging in inemuri. It proves how hard he works.


It is totally acceptable in Japan for a Superior to "be asleep while present" in such a venue.

(So just try that crap in your next meeting and see how it turns out.)


I posted the same video knowing FULL WELL that everyone else posted it. It's just too good to have to hunt down every time I want to watch it. I had to have it on my site. He's such an ass.


That poem seriously made me LOL. Great work!


Suzette...I think comedy is your natural calling...though you must 'wrap' your current projects first!!! I want FRONT ROW seats! (Please!)

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