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I love cows! Wholesteins is my favorite picture; the trio is too moody for me. ;)


Holsteins are calm, sedate, sensible creatures. Unlike the Angus, which are skittish and prone to bolt.

Just throwing some rancher trivia in there.


Huzzah, my camel wins!

Of course, just to play devil's advocate...isn't it possible that one of the Magi (who come from the East, after all) rode a Bactrian to the Nativity?


This is my favorite cow: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gissa/60883315/


You know at the risk of having you say, "Your bucolic roots are showing." I must point out that Charolais semen fetches a much higher price than most of the others.

Don't forget - rodeo was a letter sport at my high school. That's how I know this stuff.

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