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Great research. & Huma's smiling & not showing much strain. She probably has some of her own stuff in there too, almost as intimate a mingling as sex. I briefly dated a housepainter some years ago, & although you wouldn't know it from looking, she had really strong arms, which I considered sexy. Now, handbags of possible First Ladies?


....perfectly foreshadowing how Liberty will be brought to its knees if, God forbid, she is elected.

I think I'm going to be sick.


Like The Shadow it seems Huma also has the power to cloud mens, and for that matter womens minds. Supposedly one "Excuse me" from her clears an entire path.

I have no idea if this is true to not. Huma seems to have been elevated to something like an urban legend or something akin to those various sayings about Chuck Norris,e.g. the boogie man's afraid Chuck Norris is under the bed.

Stuff like that.

Jim - PRS

Hillary, the Bag.


I'm personally dislike handbags and have not carried one for years now. I'm afraid that hideous Stam bag item is just another nail in that coffin for me. The big clunky chain? Stupid handlestrap thingy? Dork-a-SAUR-us City. No way. $1550 to look like granny? "Fetch my pocketbook and I'll give you a Buffalo nickel, child." You gotta be kidding me.

Obviously the finer points of handbagging are totally LOST on the likes of me. But -- and this is an IMPORTANT BUT --- I TRULY enjoy reading ABOUT handbag culture and mystique here and trying to figure out why some people are so into handbags. Is it like me being into collecting offensive political t-shirts? I bet it is.

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