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Joan of Argghh!

the predicable "wack-a-mole"-like presence of Al Sharpton

Superb imagery! Freakin' awesome, as Erica would say.


As far as I'm concerned 'A Face in the Crowd' is probably one of the four or five best American movies ever made. Fifty years later the story still is relevant.

Anyway - Mom watches Dog now and then because she lived in Hawaii for several years. She's more interested in looking at the neighborhoods than the ne'er-do-wells.

I thought the incident was in keeping with the whole freak show natures of the Dog family. Save for the daughter the rest of them look like they just stepped out of a Marvel comic book. But I understand the outrage over ther remarks given that cable television personalities are usually considered as virtuous as members of the clergy.


Dog has an amazing trailer trash extended family. Think about the bottom feeding bail bond business. He became a "bounty hunter" to find customers that stiffed him. Dog's the kind of person who believes "common sense" is a substitute for edjikation.


I can't say I was surprised at the Doggerel.

Can't believe I haven't seen 'Face'; it's now on my list, thanks!


I'm going to miss Dog. I don't know why I like watching his show, it is one of those programs that you flip to and just cannot look away. Like a train wreck. Poor Beth, I imagine she will have to cut back on her spandex purchases.


"A Face in the Crowd" is one of my favorite movies. I recall a very young Leigh Remeck as the CheerLeader. Andy Griffith is one fine actor.....

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