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Vincent DeDomenico, the inventor of Rice-a-Roni died yesterday.

I'm only putting that out there for the they-die-in-threes crowd.

Joan of Argghh!

I shall go out and smoke a cigar and contemplate the Slack, in her honor. A heroine to be emulated and admired, is she.

Meanwhile, I guess if they die in threes, we should offer up some healthy thoughts toward Jack LaLane...


did you know that pepsi owns rice a roni?

if i have learned anything, its that there are 5 giant companies making all the processed food in the whole country.


& the fallacy that every woman who did cook (which was most women) was a good cook. My mom had a few specialties - she could bake great pies & cakes when she concentrated - & quickies she schlepped together I loved that didn't resemble the real thing, like her unhot chili, & the mac & cheese casserole made with Velveeta sliced from the loaf. But her typical supper was merely palatable, some just plain awful. My grandmothers were much better cooks, & the best chef of all was Mr. Rorro up the street, who ran a galley for Navy brass in WWII. We kept our comparative reviews to ourselves.


Sorry. Harry obviously thought that her book was tasty.


I watched Merv and Mike back then but I can't say I ever heard of Peg or the book. If she really hated to cook she would have made what I did for dinner tonight: reservations.


One of my grandmothers was a beautician and the other was a realtor. Both had their own businesses. Neither one of them threw out leftovers. They were glamorous and I thought they were rich. In fact, they were thrifty.

Peg rocked utterly.

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