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What about Maui or Key West?

Can at I at least go there and try to find something?

I'll come right back if nothing happens.

Rigid Irish Catholics made kinda crazy and stupid with superstition and the fear of death?

No, I wouldn't know anything about that. Nope, nossir, not a thing.


I'd bury Joseph; I've heard stories. Yes, stories. I've forgotten them all, of course, but the wispy strands of my swiss cheese memory all say 'yes, bury the statue'.

Happy Halloween!


The Irish may be a superstitious lot, but we've got quite a list of saints behind us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Irish_saints

Bury any of them you want to and await them consequences! :)


Until a few decades ago the kind of Catholicism you had depended upon the quality of the Paganism in the area of your ethnic origin. The Roman/Italians had the most festivals, the largest selection of deities, & the best climate. (Sicilians are another matter.) The Irish Catholicism of Saint Patrick was suppressed many centuries ago & eventually replaced by the Jansenist heresy; which is why strict Irish-Catholics feel guilty while they're having fun rather than waiting until afterward.

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