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I've got one of those too. Who'd want to save one of those crappy Glad Wrap plastic bands they started using on the generation after our arrival. EW. Better to choke on something classic rather than choke on plastic or in a plastic bag like a poor baby bird.


Happy birthday! You are, of course, only getting better. No, seriously, I've put a moratorium on aging.

tree hugging sister

"Hippo, birdie, two ewes!" as Sandra Boynton would have said.


Suzette: the meaning of the day shifts somewhat at different points in our lives, but above all, never forget a birthday is celebration of the irreplaceable uniqueness of you, and a tribute to the connections to others we forge over our lifetimes. When you see a few boxes of candles torching up the frosting and feel like dragging out an extinguisher, remember that the fire coming off those candles symbolizes the light and warmth our souls emit into the world, and once a year we get a reminder to both others and ourselves of the glow that wouldn't be there without us.

I hope you had/have a wonderful birthday! :)


Happy Birthday, Suzette! I don't care what the calendar says; I think you're ageless. ;)

Ken Adams

Suzette, may your ability to have birthdays continue to exceed your ability to count them. Hope it was a day full of joy!

Mr. Bingley

Happy Birthday! I will raise a toast or 3 in your honor!


Did you know that Carbon-14 dating isn't accurate after a very long period of time?

Don't ask me how I know that.

Happy B-day.


A very happy birthday!!




Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Suzette. Seriously.


Happy Belated Birthday!

I brought cupcakes!

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