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#2 is not just a "thing," it is a talent. A sizeable talent. People who have it are artists, dammit.

And I can't call #7 a character flaw. We all gotta make our own fun, you know?


Oh, vibRATO. I thought you said "vibrator".



I was going to make the joke, but I'm glad that Lisa did it before me.


My doctor told me I have excellent hemoglobin. I made sure to tell everyone I met for the next several days afterwards that I had excellent hemoglobin. Your muscle tone remarks reminded me of that. Strange how you feel happy all day knowing you have excellent hemoglobin.


Too bad all the things the doctor says are excellent are on the inside where no one else can see them.


Memes are self replicating ideas that spread outside the usual means of distribution. (i.e. tv, newspapers, books etc) All urban myths are memes. What bloggers call memes are merely 'To Do' lists. Here you have corectly pointed out that what we're seeing here is a LIST of seven things.

Thank you for doing so.


Me? I don't do doctors. Ever.


I did a pre-med student for a while back in college, but doctors? "Never" here, too. I can't get past those God complexes.


I've been doing the red light thing a lot. When I can find my car, that is. It's better when the cops (and nobody else) are on foot. That is scary. I also recently had a doctor tell me that one of my internal organs is extraordinarily large, all other things considered. He was over-excited, I thought. My shot at you're secret name: Slim.

Jim - PRS

Re: No. 6: Pookie? Snooky? Gladys?


Guess at # 6 Sues


...Or Suez.
You might be right about the one-eyed cat photo, Suez. That would take some of the heat off of James Frey, huh?

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