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What, no vinegar?

It's *FLU SEASON*, what are you thinking?!

Suzette says: "Don't worry - the pork chops were cooked in vinegar, although it was balsamic vinegar not apple cider vinegar. I can't swear to the health benefits of balsamic vinegar. Other than to make people spend ridiculous amounts of money on it, I don't know what other kind of powers it has. For flu-avoidance purposes, I stick to the apple cider vinegar. "


Vinegar and sauerkraut are getting a lot of "healthy food" press -- once again Suzette is ahead of the times.


5+ a day Suzette, be nicer to your colon.

Mister Snitch!

Pork chop? Homer Simpson and I would agree - that's a pretty good life.

Say, (off-topic kinda) do you know anyone having Penguin for Thanksgiving? It seems to be the year of the penguin. It is after all, The Other Black & White Meat.

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