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I am always amazed when the things get off the ground and land in one piece, especially when I'm on them. I'm the guy sitting next to you who says: "Wow! We made it."

I have a friend with a small plane ... that is supposed to be the way planes fly.


I cannot stand looking at that deer ... I am going on strike unless you pay me more.


Hey - I'm just punting here - but isn't Seattle where Airbus's biggest comptetitor is?


What the media is refusing to tell us is that the flight crew included Al Cowlings in the cockpit and OJ Simpson navigating, contemplating sewerside with a pomegranate held to his head...


I was buzzing about, washing the ancetral table linens and paying some attention to "LOST" - but not much. Imagine my surprise when ABC broke into programming so I could...watch...a plane land...

Jim - PRS

Two words: Holy Shit! Just flew on two of them this past week.


I can't believe the landing gear held during the landing even though the whole wheel just scraped off on the runway in a shower of sparks...

That's some good engineering if you ask me!

Full disclosure : Je suis Francais.

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