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Fresh himpmight! It's a blight! A blight, I say!

Nothing like a little of the old ultraviolence when foisty pinpushers prompt!


I like my himpmight to sit for a few days before I flaggle it. Gives it a nice crunchy coating.


Obviously what you wrote was not "himpmight", but "patchouli". I hate patchouli, and the way that it's smell manages to linger in areas where it's been for DAYS after the offending wearer has left, so I'm guessing that you knew this, and scribbled it down hastily so as to help rid the world of perfume throwbacks.

What do you mean that doesn't look like "himpmight"?


Fresh himpmight-this a weed that is known only in New Jersey. It is the reason NJ is on high allergy alert today. My sinuses are throbbing--all because of that damn fresh himpmight...

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