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especially loved the generational jab on the free love years *nostalgia* yup, we had us some fun back then, didn't we?


Great post, Suzette.

My grandmother remembers the first moment she heard her lifelong favorite song, Rhapsody in Blue. She was at summer camp, sitting on a dock, in sunshine, letting her lovely 16(ish) year old toes dip in the warm lake water. I think someone nearby had a record player (or maybe a radio?) and with the first haunting notes of Gerhswin she was mesmerized.


And the geese on that shirt were so much more graceful than their counterparts the pigs. Granted I was of the Keep on Truckin' school of t-shirts back then.

About two weeks ago Mr. Man was introduced to RiB for the first time via the radio. He was intriqued and told it was the finest American compisition of the 20th Century.


We have no Ted here in Washington.


LOVED this post! Rhapsody has always been one of my favorites but I haven't thought to play it in a long time. Thanks for reminding me.


I fell in love with Kathleen Battle in a similar fashion. I was lounging by a pool with a little sippin' whiskey on a lazy southern afternoon when Kathleen's exquisite voice drifted down upon me from above like a gossamer blanket.

This angelic voice singing Mozart's Exsultate Jubilate had me totally enrapt. I was reeling from the heat and the whiskey and when she hit the high note at the end of the Allelulia Chorus I was positively orgasmic.

I had to dive into the pool to regain my composure.

(She also wears gowns a Drag Queen would kill for.)



this was too long. i didnt read it except for when you told me i missed out on the free love. lets not say things like that to each other ever again.

theres internet in the woods but its costs 2 dollars an hour.

your daughter.


Cleveland Orchestra -- August 7 -- Rhapsody in Blue -- we're going.

Thank you for flying Ted ... I was very afraid to be with Ted because we were going over some water ... [Obscure]

Mr. Snitch!

I'll get behind your 'Rhapsody in Blue for National Anthem' movement, but first you'll have to write some lyrics. Unless you want to hear tens of thousands of people trying to hum the anthem at baseball games.


please forgive this add-on comment but I just put your Wilkes-Barre beans in the oven for their first baking AND I AM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. They're beautiful already! Thank you!


Lyrics have been written to that song. I know because I've heard an arrangement for barbershop vocal harmony (unfortunately, I do not know where to locate this arrangement). I remember the words to the last phrases: "It plays a rhapsody, it pounds the heartbeat of New York."

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