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Let me reinforce the fact that these are awesome baked beans! We were honored to have them for the Suzette Party and they are el gonzo. Not one bean left for another day..............O:(


happy anniversary and thanks so much for the bean recipe. Seattleites don't eat way enough beans. Now we can change our ways.


Happy Birthday!

Any recipe that uses ketchup AND bacon fat can't be all bad.


can't wait to try these out!! Happy Bday and Blogiversary, Suzette. and many many more!


You don't need to cook the beans on the stove before they bake in the oven? It doesn't sound like enough liquid to cook the beans.


Happy birthdayblogiversary, Suzette. May you be middle aged and cool for many, many years to come! xoxo

Mary Beth

I am deeply honored to add this winner to my file of important recipes.

Happy birthday and blogiversary dear Suzette -

Many thanks and may all your beans be limas!


You DID get close enough to Mr Gere!

Happy birthday Mrs S, take Bob for a walk and steal some flowers from other peoples gardens from me xxxxx


Yeah, back when started bloggin' you didn't need no links - we all knew each other on sight! But you try to tell that to thse kids with the Zingers and Livery Journals they just look at you like you're crazy!

Happy mutual anniversary.


Happy birthday and thanks for the recipe. Ffffsssst.


I'm having a difficult time accepting that ANYTHING with Lima beans could be good, but you and Bob haven't steered me wrong yet. Happy birthday to both you and your blog.

Jim - PRS

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late. I was away, and I have been trying to catch up. Miss a week, you miss alot.


Happy Belated Days!

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